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entiffic 2.4

The entiffic 2.4  is the worlds first self-powered heater for heating smaller spaces. Containing innovative patented technology from Danish Alpcon A/S, the entiffic 2.4 provides you with forced warm air without the hassle of a power cord. Choose between a 12V cigar lighter socket providing a LED socket provding 5V. Either version will provide electrical power to your small electrical devices like your phone, GPS, Camcorder, communication devices or LED lights.


The entiffic 2.4 is the ideal choice for use in the fields like:





        12V cigarette ligther socket

USB 5V socket

Ease of use describes entiffic 2.4. Simply install a gas canister with 7/16 thread (a pierceable canister is an option by means of adapter – sold separately), and you are all set to receive warm air as well as power for your electronics at the same time.


Regardless of whether you are camping in Canada, hiking in the Himalayas, or in humanitarian dire straits, the entiffic 2.4 will assist you.

Safety is an important point: the entiffic 2.4 contains several protective functions: “Flame-out”, Overheating and electrical overload protection are build in to protect both user, device, and environment.

Watch this 1 minute video to see the great features of entiffic 2.4:

entiffic 2.4 specifications:

Please note: this will take you directly to the webshop page on . Although the website is in Danish, you can reach out to customer support, and they will help you out in English. All major credit cards are accepted for purchase.

entiffic 2.4 is ideal for:

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