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Ideal for Outdoor Professionals

Do you often find yourself in that cold workspace where you just miss that easy to use portable cordless heater which can send a flow of warm air to your hands and work area?


Then the entiffic 2.4 is just for you. Small in size - light in weight – big on performance. It is the tool that completes your set of tools, enabling you to keep yourself and your materials warm on those cold days, warming the work area and providing electrical light your workspace.


The entiffic 2.4 is ideal for mechanics, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, telecom and fiber optic cable installers - any professional who might work on locations which are not heated. Simply turn the unit on and you have a flow of warm air that will support you and make your work time on the site more agreeable while doing your job.


The entiffic 2.4 can also be used to keep the back of your truck and tools warm.


  • Small in size - high heat output

  • Lightweight

  • Practical squared shape - easy storage

  • Easy to refuel with standard LPG cartridges

  • Easy to carry

  • Easy to power up



entiffic 2.4 is the perfect portable heater for anyone working in cold areas.




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Act now to obtain your own self-powered heater.

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