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Remote Access for the entiffic Air

With the remote access modem for entiffic Air, you can turn entiffic Air on and off, and as well get information on system voltage, energy consumed from/provided to battery and system temperature.


The system will work anywhere, where GSM 3G/4G cell coverage is available.


Setup and connection to the modem is easy, as well the user-friendly and free app, and follow the setup steps. You will require a SIM-card from your service provider.

The app enables you to start/stop the heater manually, as well as timed starts, and provides you with data such as system temperature if so desired. You can even add a GPS-antenna to  provide you with the systems location.




Should you require a special directional antenna for a remote location, please contact AWILCO, Michael Nielsen for the choice of an antenna for just your application.

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