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Ideal for Emergencies and Relief

entiffic 2.4 for Relief Organizations


Fleeing crisis areas, struggling with earthquakes, tsunamis, washed out roads or being stuck in your damaged car in a blizzard. Use entiffic 2.4 to generate lifesaving heat for your shelter area, as well as electrical power, which can be used for your communications devices or a LED light.


Even rescue personnel can make use of the entiffic 2.4 upon arriving at emergency sites. Within seconds warm air is flowing, keeping injured or stuck persons warm, without the need of power cords.


entiffic 2.4 is ideal for emergency relief organizations because it:


  • is easy to distribute

  • is easy to use

  • uses gas canisters which are standardized and available anywhere in the world, makes it very easy to distribute fuel to crisis areas



  • helps persons in distress to keep warm, while providing a source of power to run a light, power a radio or even charge mobile phones.

The entiffic 2.4 for Personal Emergencies


Keeping the entiffic 2.4 in the trunk of your car during the cold season, or in your home for the instance of earthquakes, brown-outs/black-outs or blizzards, will ensure warm air for you and your loved ones, as well as supply power for what could be a lifesaving communication device or a comforting, LED light.

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