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Ideal for Camping / RV & Leisure

Do you love both the great outdoors and the modern world? Then entiffic 2.4 is perfect for you!


The entiffic 2.4 keeps you warm and connected. While providing a constant flow of warm air, it also provides you with power for your electronic devices. This allows you to power your LED-light or your electronics device, without worrying about extra batteries or power cords. entiffic 2.4 provides you with up to 6 hours of runtime on a 450g gas cartridge – stay connected.


Beeing small in size and low in weight you can bring it anywhere.


Ideal for


  • Heating up a tent, regardless of you being in Europe, Canada or the Himalayas

  • Warm air for your legs and feet while gathering around the outdoor table

  • Back up heat provider for your RV or caravan

  • Caravan awnings


Imagine having nice warm air just where you want it - that is was entiffic 2.4 provides.


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All major credit cards are accepted for purchase.

Act now to obtain your own self-powered heater.

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