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Ideal for Marine & Fishing

Want to warm your cabin quickly when arriving your boat, or do you miss a safe and reliable source of heat for those days when fishing is great but the weather is on the cool side?

entiffic 2.4 gives you that ease of use and flexibility. Simply direct the outlet in the direction where you want the nice and comforting warm air to flow. Turn the unit on – after only a few seconds the warm air starts flowing. This makes fishing in cold weather much more agreeable.


  • Easy to carry

  • Easy to store

  • Several hours of runtime on one 450g cartridge

  • Warm air - just where you need it.

  • Easy to replace fuel cartridge


The practical carry belt and the slim tall, squared design makes the unit easy to carry, easy to move, if you move location, and easy to store when not in use.


entiffic 2.4 is your ideal partner to keep you warm on the cold days.


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Act now to obtain your own self-powered heater.

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