entiffic Air Portable

Experience the true feeling of portability.

entiffic AIR Portable is probably the most flexible heater in the world: With build-in fuel tank and battery, the heater runs autonomus from external electric power and is extremely flexible in use - simply place it where you need it and turn it on.

The robust and rugged design allows for use in any environment - offering very easy use for the operator. A simple flick of a switch and a press on button starts the heater.

The build-in Voltage indicator provides visual confirmation about batteryvoltage.

entiffic Air Portable provides reliable performance where you need it - when you need it.

2kW heat, fast deployment, light weight and 15 hrs of runtime - entiffic Air Portable is a versatile, high quality portable heater for anyone needing off grid flexibility.

entiffic AIR Portable can be supplied in colours that match those of your company.

For true emergency usage, add the vehicle-charge-package - which consist of a fast-release magnet contact connected to a chager. This system enables the user

  • to have certainty that the build in battery is fully charged and ready, even after a longer period of non-use

  • to grab the unit out of a vehicle, without considering a slow disconnecting process = the fastest possible way to start providing warmth.

entiffic AIR Portable is a flexible tool to any body needing a true selfpowered cordless heater.


entiffic Air is avaliable in the following three standard colours


                                       Orange                  Green                  White


All Pantone and RAL colours can be arranged upon request



Ideal use for:


Heating for offgrid cabins.                  First responders aiming to provideOff grid heating of tents                                     comforting heat to persons in


Off grid for livingspace

and gear

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