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entiffic Air

No more empty batteries from running your parking heater! entiffic Air is a unique heater, which keeps you warm for as long as you have diesel in the tank without any concerns about an empty battery. During operation, the heater will supply electrical power, harvested from the generated heat, to ensure self-sustainability for the internal electrical needs, as well as provide some energy to the connected battery.


After a short time of operation entiffic Air has recuperated the battery from the energy used to start up, and during further operation, the unit will supply all surplus energy harvested from the heat, as a charge energy to the battery connected to the heater. This is a unique and groundbreaking feature that no other heater on the market, in this size, provides.



The entiffic Air is the ideal choice for use in the fields like:


entiffic Air is an ideal choise for preppers, as the heater will support life, during emergency situations. Entiffic Air can be installed and used by more DIY's, and the entiffic Portable and entiffic Portable BOX are a plug-and-play solutions for those looking for proven portable heat during emergencies.

If you install entiffic Air in such a way that some of the heat produced, is lead to the battery compartment, you can even keep your battery warm, even by extreme colds: This will ensure higher start capability and longer lifetime of your battery. Over time entiffic Air will save you both time and money compared with conventional heaters.


entiffic Air specifications:

Truely selfpowered

Watch the videoclip below - demonstrating the selfpowered feature of entiffic Air


Whether you install entiffic AIR without having a previous installation or you are aiming to upgrade an existing solution, the process is easy. As entiffic AIR utilizes the widely adapted interface for mounting, the installation of entiffic AIR follows the market standards.


For first installations you will receive a baseplate, 140 mm x 150 mm, to even out any uneven surfaces in the chassis.


If you are upgrading an existing solution, you can directly fit the entiffic AIR to an existing baseplate from the previous installation.

The entiffic Air is ideal for:

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