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Entiffic is a spin-out from danish Alpcon A/S, founded with the purpose of bringing the first small-sized self-powered space heaters to the market. Based on the technology and experience that Alpcon A/S has developed over that past 8 yearswe had a flying start in the middle of 2016. By end of 2017, the first commercial space heaters are installed by end-users. Quality, lifetime, reliability and customer satisfaction are key elements in our mindset. We call it: entiffic - heating made terrific

Our Technology

Our Technology

Using state of the art energy-harvesting technology on the temperature difference, combined with the particular innovative integration of the technology, enables us to realize products with 100% unique features.


Our heater, entiffic Air, for mobile/off grid installation, makes up with the biggest drawback of competitive products: Our unit does not drain the connected battery once operating temperature is reached. This means no more days with empty batteries due to the request to warm your cabin. On top of this, any surplus electrical energy produced, is used to charge the connected battery.These are truly unique and unseen features in this type of product. Contact us to learn how soon you can get hassle-free heating.


The sister product, entiffic 2.4 utilizes the same energy harvesting technology, and provides the same unique feature of being self-powered: In this case, the electrical power is used to power the built-in fan, providing the user with a forced warm airflow - without the need of external power, cables or cords - that gives flexibility to any user, being professional as well as recreational. On top of this, you get 4W of electrical power to power a LED-light or charge an electronic device.


Company and Bank details

Bank Details

entiffic ApS

Østre Alle 6

DK 9530- Støvring

VAT Ident nbr: DK37892920

Nordea Bank Danmark A/S

BIC/Swift address: NDEADKKK  
DKK - IBAN: DK9820006283768722

How to Find Us

How to find us

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