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Ideal for Boats and Marine

entiffic Air – is the ideal diesel fuelled heater for both leisure and commercial boats and vessels, regardless if you are at sea or in the harbor. Self-powered, reliability, low noise, and low fuel consumption is just some of the advantages the entiffic Air has to offer.


The biggest advantage is, that once the unit has reached it’s operating temperature, it will supply energy back to the attached battery and keep the battery charged*. This means that you will keep your cabin warm and dry without any worrying about the attached battery running out of power. This is a truly unique feature, yet unseen for this type of heater.


  • Self Powered

  • Low noise

  • Easy installation

  • Remote on/off by GSM modem

  • Build in thermostat for automatic on/off


entiffic Air can be used for several various areas in a boat


  • Heating of living space during use

  • Heating of engine compartments

  • Reduce moisture and maintain the battery during winter storage


Another unique feature of entiffic AIR is that the software allows you to set the unit for continuous operation without thermostat control. 4 different levels of continuous operation are available.


This is particularly interesting when

  • staying in your boat, you avoid the traditional starts/stops of your heater when controlled by thermostat

  • keeping your boat in storage as you get a continuous flow of heat to keep your boat warm in combination with an extremely low level of fuel consumption


When in continuous operation the fuel consumption is reduced accordingly.


Connect our remote access GSM modem, and you can turn entiffic Air on and off at your convenience, making sure that your boat is warm and dry when you arrive.


With entiffic Air, the time in your boat becomes a cruise.


*If other devices are attached to the same battery, please contact us for additional information. 

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