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Ideal for professional vehicles

Have you ever experienced that your vehicle would not start because the parking heater drained the starter battery?


Those days are over when having entiffic Air installed. After approximately 30 min of runtime, your battery has been recharged with the energy used to start the parking heater, and for any longer runtime, entiffic Air will provide charging to the attached battery.


This functionality is unique  – no other vehicle heater is able to charge the battery while running – in other words: You can heat your workspace or cabin for as long as you have fuel in the tank, without worrying about an empty battery.


For most users, this will bring a

  • Very high level of comfort.

  • Less concern about inability to start the vehicle,

  • Batteries are less stressed in the cold season and will consequently last longer


just to mention a few benefits.

For some users, this can also mean that sensitive equipment and tools can stay in the vehicle overnight and for longer periods, even in extreme colds, offering less handling to the user, warm tools, and gear in the morning. More efficient working means time and money saved.


The unique construction of entiffic Air provides a series of benefits

  1. It fits the known installation footprint of other heaters in the market

  2. Keep your vehicle and gear/equipment warm, for as long as you have fuel in the tank

  3. Adjustable thermostat for you to set the desired temperature

  4. Low noise while running for your comfort.

  5. Optional remote on/off via GSM modem


The robust construction of the unit ensures users to benefit from a reliable heat source for years to come.

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