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Ideal for Lodges and Cabins

entiffic Air is the perfect choice for usage in lodges and cabins.


Known features like

  • self-powered

  • low noise

  • thermostat controlled temperature monitoring

  • low fuel consumption

  • remote on/off


brings comfort to your use of a heater at your preferred spare time location – it delivers all of the above, and more - entiffic Air also ensures that the connected battery stays charged*.


Using cutting-edge technology to harvest electrical power from the produced heat, entiffic Air is generating enough electrical power to both support itself and apply energy to recharge the connected battery.

This will ensure a higher level of comfort, regardless of whether you stay in your cabin, or you are away – for as long as fuel is available, entiffic Air will keep the intended space warm, and ensure that your battery is charged with all the surplus electrical energy from the unit.


The days with concerns about cold cabins due to empty batteries are over. entiffic Air brings heat, power, and comfort to your time off. Over time your battery stays maintained from the charge energy supplied by the heater, and you might experience that you batteries last longer - that is healthy for your wallet, and the environment.


Add our remote GSM module - and you can turn on entiffic Air remotely - ensuring that you have warmth when in you arrive in your preferred free time space.


If other electronic devices are connected to the same battery, please contact your local dealer or us for further advice

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