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Ideal for Off-grid/remote applications

entiffic Air is an extremely helpful tool for the remote off-grid location that needs to stay warm. entiffic Air is able to keep you and your tools and materials warm – without the hassle of being concerned about the connected battery.


By generating enough electrical power to run own internal systems and to recharge the connected battery, entiffic Air is your reliable partner for any remote application.


Suggested Usage:

  • Workspace/cabins for personnel

  • remote unmanned locations where heat is required

  • mobile units like containers/huts/shelters where heat is needed to keep tools and gear warm.

The built-in thermostat can be set to the desired temperature, and the unit will, therefore, keep your gear and tool at your remote location warm for as long as there is fuel in the tank*

the professional users, working in cold climate areas, appreciates the hassle-free comfort of warm hair combined with charged batteries.


By adding our GSM module for remote access and you get access to control the unit remotely


*If you have other electronic devices connected to the battery, please contact us to establish if enttifc Air provides sufficient battery charge for the other devices also.

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