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Booth: Pe6B - B 70

Entiffic and Defend Arctic

Enttific is participating in the danish initiative Defend Artic. The overall scope is to show a complete artic concept - ready for deployment.

Our air-air heater offers unique benefits in two areas:

Vehicle installation:

Vehicles used in extreme colds often experience issues with the vehicles batteries. Low temperatures is a challenge for the battery, particularly when vehicle parkingheaters are in use to keep engine coolant warm in order to protect engine and oil aginst the extreme colds. That is exactly where the innovative technology of entiffic AIR falls into place. The unique feature of charging the connected batttery while, running allows for the vehicle manufacturer to think in new possibilites: Our Air to Air heater is installed to let warm air flow to the enginecompartment, to the batterycompartment and to the cabin. This gives three major benefits:

  • Added energy charged into to the battery

  • A warmer battery, which performs better and lives longer in the extreme colds.

  • Less runtime on the conventional air-to-water heater, which also mean less batterystress.

The entiffic AIR is the ideal supplement for deployments of vehicles in cold areas - visit us on booth Pe6B - B70

Personel livingspace

entiffic AIR offers a new unique possibility for keeping personnel and gear warm while staying in cold climates. Whether you heat personel containers, tents or gear/material storage, entiffic AIR will reduce the overall fuelconsumption and help supporting the connected battery. The electrical energy produced  by entiffic AIR enables users to aviod oversized generators to produce electrical power to run heaters.

We will - in cooperation with danish DC Supply a container installation during Eurosatory to inspire you to seek new solutions for energy optimzied heater for your personel.

We will also show our new portable version of the entiffic AIR - a lightweight box of 15kg,  offering 20 hrs of continoues 2kW heat, ideal for smaller camps, tents and material storage - without concerns about power for the heater.

            Location of our booth

                 EXT Pe6B B 70

visit us and our see our products live

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