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Ideal for RV's and Caravans

entiffic Air is the obvious choice for anyone who want's to combine comfortable hasslefree heating and the free feeling of being in an RV or Caravan in the great outdoors.


With the built-in feature of being self-sustained with electrical power while running, entiffic Air ensures that the connected battery stays charged and you can rest assured that you keep your living space warm, even in the coldest conditions.


entiffic Air does have a practical thermostat if you desire automatic starts and stops, based on the room temperatures, but an additional and unique feature of entiffic Air is that you can manually set which level of heat/airflow you want. You can choose from 5 different levels and the result is that you can set the unit to run continuously at a chosen level - avoiding that you have to listen to numerous starts-stops during the night, knowing that entiffic Air is also providing charged energy to the connected battery. You can run entiffic Air for as long as you have fuel in the tank without worrying about an empty battery.


entiffic Air offers several benefits

  • Self-sustained electrically - even supplies some charge to the battery

  • Thermostat-controlled or

  • possibility for the manual setting - 5 levels

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Low noise

  • possibility for remote on/off


entiffic Air is an intelligent choice for any RV or caravan. Even for winter storage, the unit can help you to keep your vehicle dry and your battery charged.


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